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Advanced Invisible Infrared (IR) Extender


IR Control 8

Operate all your A/V equipment that is out of sight.

Operate 4 (max. 8) A/V devices behind closed cupboard doors (or even from another room) with your current remote control.

New interference-suppressing technology for use in the vicinity of Flat Screens (such as Plasma, LCD and LED screens), indirect sunlight and energy-saving light bulbs.

Works with almost every brand and model and is suitable for the new IR code formats (such as RC-MM) which are being used in a great deal of new HD equipment.

With the IR Control8 you can immediately operate 4 pieces of equipment. With Marmitek ‘IRCP blinking 2 LED‘, an infrared extension cable, you can connect another 2 x 2 pieces of equipment.

With the exception of the small IR receiver, the complete set can be located out of sight.

Compatible with all digital TV providers in Europe, like BT Vision, Freesat, Freeview, Sky TV, Sky+, Sky HD and Virgin.


How does the IR Control 8™ work?
Locate your A/V equipment in a closed cupboard, TV cabinet or even in another room. The IR receiver must be installed in view of your own remote control. This new, updated IR receiver can even be placed in the vicinity of your Flat Screen (Plasma, LCD or LED screen). Stick the IR LEDs onto the front panel of your A/V equipment and place the IR main module out of sight. Point the remote control at the IR receiver in order to send the appropriate command to the IR LEDs (via the IR main module). These will then immediately pass this onto the A/V equipment.


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Price: 99.95