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Zero Watt Energy Saving Mains Socket – Infrared


Ansmann 5024073-UK

Intelligent infrared controlled mains socket with Zero Watt Technology ideal for televisions (tube, LCD, plasma, LED), music systems, receivers, DVD players and similar devices. The infrared control unit is compatible with most available infrared remote controls, activated with just one button press on the controller. The Ansmann infrared energy saving mains socket uses Zero Watt technology to cut connected devices automatically from the mains power. The Zero Watt socket will engage within one minute of placing a device in to standby (<30W).  In addition to the standby power saving cut-off function, an automatic countdown timer can be activated, which disconnects all operating devices attached if the remote control has not been detected within one hour. This is an optional function. With no standby power consumption Zero Watt technology saves energy, saves money, and saves the environment! Input/output: 230V AC / 50Hz, load: max. 3000W / 13A.
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Price: 17.99