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Turn & Tilt Wall Bracket


 EFW 6325
Turn & Tilt screen for best view

Pull out the Vogel’s EFW 6325 support and turn and tilt your screen to get the best view. Afterwards, simply fold the screen back against the wall. And you can combine this wall support with our Column system and Audio/DVD support to create your own entertainment centre. Note : Some retailers still sell this particular model wall support in the 2007 packaging. The 2007 packaging indicates a smaller maximum screen size compatibility and/or a lower maximum screen weight compared to the specifications on this website. Do not worry, the supports in this older packaging are also suitable for the higher maximum screen sizes and weights as indicated on this website

Main Color: Silver/Anthracite

Turn: 40 ° Tilt: 30 °

Min. size: 31″ Max. size: 50″

Minimum weight: 15 kg Max. weight: 45 kg

Min. distance to the wall: 98 mm Max. distance to the wall: 213 mm
For more information on this product, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

Price: 123.00 59.00