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Photocam V Charger


The ANSMANN Photocam V 5207473-UK

This is an intelligent charger for charging 1-4 NiMH or NiCd rechargeable cells of AA, AAA, C and D sizes and also one 9V block. Features of the charger include: A fast, intelligent charger with the following charging currents: 800mA for 1-2 AA, C or D; 400mA for 3-4 AA, C or D;  400mA for 1-2 AAA; 200mA for 3-4 AAA; 15mA for 1 9V block. Capacity quick test for approximately 5 seconds after the insertion of the cells. Microprocessor controller monitoring each round cell inserted and individual charging of each cell position. Faulty cell detection for when a cell is inserted incorrectly and also if you have accidentally inserted an alkaline battery. Delta Peak detection to ensure the batteries do not get overcharged. Charge status indicator via LED for fast and trickle charge. Suitable for NiMH or NiCd batteries. Available for worldwide use due to the 100-240V AC power supply.

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Price: 24.99