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Photocam III Battery Charger


Ansmann 5117003-UK

The ANSMANN Photocam III is available complete with 4 x AA 2100mAh maxe rechargeable batteries and can charge 2 or 4, AA or AAA batteries. This is a fantastic offer for a delta peak, intelligent, microprocessor system. The charger will not only fast charge fully discharged cells, but also “top-up” partially used cells back to full capacity. This AA maxe battery has a capacity of 2100mAh and is delivered pre-charged with the very low self-discharge maxe characteristics. This means that it can be used in most applications even up to one year after charging. Features of the charger include: Fast, intelligent charge – 500mA charge current. Charging is approximately 5 hours for 2100mAh cells when fully discharged, but proportionally lower depending on each battery’s charge status. Top-up facility for partially used cells. Microprocessor controller monitoring each set of cells inserted. Delta Peak detection to ensure the batteries are not overcharged. Charge status indicator for fast and trickle charge. Suitable for NiMH or NiCd batteries. Compact and lightweight UK plug top housing with 100-240V mains operation
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Price: 16.99